Oh, Hello Miss

I find my self continually wondering if I’ll ever stop being amazed by Lady Luck. When I’m 50 or 60, will I still find myself stunned by her sudden appearance? A large part of me hopes the answer is “hell no.” After being turned down for countless jobs, learning far too much bad news, and […]

There’s more than one village idiot

Wow, I made it on Valleywag. For my ground breaking coverage of Facebook.com? For an insider scoop on a yet unveiled and revolutionary piece of technology? Nope, for making fun of idiots on Facebook Talk. I think it’s official, I need to update my resume to reflect my superior verbal bitchslapping skill. I also need […]

American Ingenuity: A 535 ft. Slip ‘n Slide

You can’t get more American than this. Only a guy from the south would sit on his back porch with some friends, have a few beers, then decide to borrow a bulldozer and spend 72 hours and three thousand bucks constructing a giant slip ‘n slide. Additional info about the Jesus Slide and how they […]

CBS one ups God, rebuilds Jericho

Yeah, so Jericho’s back. Officially. They’ve got it slated as a seven or eight episode mid-season replacement, but if the initial Fall schedule goes poorly, it could be back as soon as October. If the ratings are good, CBS has promised to pick it up for a full season and yet if the ratings are […]