Understated Year

Unbridled Beauty Uncommon purity Unintelligible reveries Unannounced fruition Unabashed pride Unaltered conflicts Unrelenting doubt Unequivocal ardor Unreasonably obstinate Uncalculated fidelity Unspectacular normalcy Undeserved stigma Underrated strength Unwavering loyalty Unrequited passion Unwavering certainty Unlocated Grace


I was going to paste my favorite of these Top 50 stop motion videos, but it was clearly impossibly to choose just a few from among the many awesome.

Random Musings

I closed the laptop for a few days last week and it was the best move I’d made all year. I have a ton of work to catch up on for HIF over the next few days. Doesn’t matter, because it was still worth it. Having Tommy up here for Christmas made for quite the […]


United begins flying to Zihuatanejo on January 6. I think I might go for a weekend just because of Shawshank Redemption. Anybody want to join me?

Hectic Life

It’s crazy how fast-paced life is right now. In the past two months alone, I’ve done more work on Hey, It’s Free than I did in the 10 months prior combined. My daily routine now consists of waking up, hunting for freebies, answering e-mails, trying to squeeze in a quick lunch, more e-mails, an interview […]

Vote Cameron

The author of one of my favorite websites is up for a $10,000 scholarship and seeing as how he’s in 2nd place, I wanted to ask if you’d please click this link and vote for David Cameron. It takes like 10 seconds and a vote for Cameron is a proxy way of saying you love […]