United begins flying to Zihuatanejo on January 6. I think I might go for a weekend just because of Shawshank Redemption. Anybody want to join me?

This shouldn’t be funny

Given that the events prior to this resulted in a few deaths, but… A tense political stand-off ensued with conflicting versions of events. Three days later, the UN initiated Operation Paul Bunyan. A convoy of 23 vehicles raced up to the tree unannounced. Sixteen men armed with chainsaws jumped out under the protection of two […]

The Gooblings are evolving

I just got back from spending a few days down in South Carolina. The main purpose of the trip was to be there for Waynus’ high school graduation, which still doesn’t sound quite right to me. I still remember when I used to wrap him up in blankets, then strap them tight with belts before […]