Sexy updates without the sexiness

I tweaked the hell out of Shyzer the other night since I realized I’m sticking with this theme longer than I originally imaged. Some new features of note: The share this button. Click on it to easily and quickly send a certain post to a friend via Email, Facebook, Digg, etc. When you go to […]


I spent the last few days making a brand new layout for Shyzer. Then I realized that I really, really like this layout despite the fact that I’ve had it for over 20 months. Seeing as how Facebook Talk already has a recent new design and the layout really wouldn’t work for Hey, It’s Free, […]

Hey Russian Spammer – I Got Game

So you can ignore everything down there. Long story short, somehow my wordpress index.php file had become corrupted. The weird thing was I have multiple copies of backups of Shyzer and all my sites stored on four different computers. And the file in question was corrupted on all of them. Which means either the virus […]


Yarg! If you didn’t remember it was Talk Like A Pirate Day, then you are a horrible fellow who needs to be skinned alive. And in celebration of this fine day, I’ve installed a plug-in to transform all of Shyzer into Pirate talk. Arrrrg!

Milestone: Reached

Folks, we’ve done it. It took us almost five years and God knows how many posts and comments, but we’ve finally reached the pinnacle of Internet success. Stardom. Immortality. I’m of course referring to the fact that two days ago, a domain squatting company decided that was such a successful and amazing site, that […]