No more stealing

In my ongoing effort to try and give credit to anything I may have borrowed, used, or downright taken here on Shyzer and elsewhere on all my sites, I finally slayed the giant beast that was finding the original design that I used as a template for the creation of this current Shyzer theme. It’s […]

CSS Naked Day

You might have noticed that Shyzer is looking a bit wonky today and will continue to look this way throughout tomorrow. Why? Because April 9th is the third annual CSS Naked Day, where every participating site strips their theme and any CSS off. I was simply curious to see what Shyzer looked like without my […]

March Madness Contest

Want to win $25? Then join in on the HIF March Madness Contest! It’s a contest I’m holding over on Hey, It’s Free for a few people off the forums, but if anybody here on Shyzer (all three of you!) want to join in on the fun and try to win a little cash that […]

I R Da Winnar

The post I made exactly one month ago about starting this whole Shyzer Challenge counted towards me initial goal of 30 posts in 30 days. The update post I made halfway through the trial did not. So, as I sit on the fence trying to decide which way to fall, I have trouble deciding if […]

Beg, Borrow, and Steal

When I first heard the old saying “good writers borrow, great writers steal,” I scoffed at it. Surely great writers don’t steal. If a piece of writing was good enough to be stolen, wouldn’t the original author be able to find success with it? Plus, anybody stealing other’s work and then capitalizing on it would […]