Holy. Frak. I’ve never wanted an eye patch any more than I do right now. And this is coming from a guy who practically idolizes pirates. Kudos on whoever made the conscious decision to score the hell out of this episode as well. There’s regular shows, then The Daily Show, then Lost, and then lightyears […]

Holy Frak

“I love you.” “About time.” Goob: KISS HER! I can’t say anymore, I’ll ruin something amazing for too many people. EDIT: Well, yes I can. From TWOP: Laura finally [edit for spoilers] —unbelievable. Mary McDonnell, I don’t care that you’re older than my mother, you are brilliant and beautiful; let’s make out.

Let’s go home

In all honestly, I’d never heard of The Wire until one morning last March when I awoke to a blitzkrieg of news articles and segment pieces talking about how amazingly wonderful the series finale had been the previous night. Being the huge spoil freak that I am, I refused to read any of the said […]

T-Minus 12 Days

“Roslin promotes Adama to admiral. He promotes her right back.” Hahahaha. We’re less than two weeks away from the fourth and final season of the best show on television. In case you’ve forgotten what’s been going on, here’s a hilarious and well made 8 minute video of all the previous Battlestar Galactica episodes and movies.

The most trusted news found from Google

It’s sad when you read an article on ESPN and notice it references quotes from sports blogs like With Leather. I’ve even seen scanned newspaper clippings where they’ve quoted comments from people on sites like Digg and Fark. Yet CNN has quietly taken the lead for “laziest news network in the world.” Their iReporter feature […]

Beg, Borrow, and Steal

When I first heard the old saying “good writers borrow, great writers steal,” I scoffed at it. Surely great writers don’t steal. If a piece of writing was good enough to be stolen, wouldn’t the original author be able to find success with it? Plus, anybody stealing other’s work and then capitalizing on it would […]


So, Desmond and Penny? Best couple on TV? I think so. Incoming reports are a bit conflicting, but I’m receiving news that their tears can cure cancer. I’m grabbing my pitchfork and demanding a new show called Sayid and Desmond be created. The pilot episode can contain them both just sitting in rocking chairs on […]