Busy, Part II

I’ve never been one to keep myself excessively busy. It’s just never been my style. For me, it used to be that whenever I had some free time, I would just hang around and relax. It was peaceful. It was unwinding. It let me mind run free. Which is where things have gone wrong. My […]

So Long SC

I wish I could say I was ready to go back to school. It’s not that I’m not ready to go back, but instead it’s more of the fact that I doubt going back to school will change anything. These past few weeks, and especially days, have just outright blown and they forced me to […]

Any Questions?

I almost didn’t finish these before I went to bed like I promised. For as emotional as today was, I still couldn’t sleep tonight and it just didn’t feel right breaking yet another “promise” I’d given on here. You have to do the little things in life right in order to get the larger ones […]

Reunion, Part I

Most people that I know don’t realize how deaf I am. You see, I grew up on Southern Rock. My dad was in a band. A good band. Good enough to where he was gone for 8 or 9 months out of the year for most of my childhood. Most of my memories from those […]