Understated Year

Unbridled Beauty Uncommon purity Unintelligible reveries Unannounced fruition Unabashed pride Unaltered conflicts Unrelenting doubt Unequivocal ardor Unreasonably obstinate Uncalculated fidelity Unspectacular normalcy Undeserved stigma Underrated strength Unwavering loyalty Unrequited passion Unwavering certainty Unlocated Grace

Hectic Life

It’s crazy how fast-paced life is right now. In the past two months alone, I’ve done more work on Hey, It’s Free than I did in the 10 months prior combined. My daily routine now consists of waking up, hunting for freebies, answering e-mails, trying to squeeze in a quick lunch, more e-mails, an interview […]

Oh, Hello Miss

I find my self continually wondering if I’ll ever stop being amazed by Lady Luck. When I’m 50 or 60, will I still find myself stunned by her sudden appearance? A large part of me hopes the answer is “hell no.” After being turned down for countless jobs, learning far too much bad news, and […]

Updated Resume!

I just uploaded a guest post to AdamJCohen.com, one of my buddy’s sites. Since I’ve been lazy around these parts lately, I figured I’d link to it and call it a day. Go read it, it’s not half bad if I say so myself. Possibly best of Shyzer worthy, if I wasn’t drugged up on […]

Kids these days…

Like I said yesterday, schools up here in Virginia have been closed since Monday. When you factor in that they’ll also be closed this coming Monday for President’s Day, you realize that the Gooblings were recently handed a 7-day weekend. And so far, they’ve each spent 98% of their time off indoors either on the […]