I have 100ish sites added to my RSS reader, which pings them every 30 or 60 minutes in search of new content. Inevitably a few new posts are found each round, which triggers a dull “ping” from my computer and an automated response from me to ignore them for 30 days until they’re deleted. However, […]

I’m A Little Too Awesome

I meant to post this last month, but never got around to it, surprise surprise. It’s Barack Obama giving a roast at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. I like this side of him. You can find part 2 here. McCain’s wasn’t too bad either.

Red + Blue = Us

Change is here. For all of us. As I listened to President-elect Obama’s speech, I can’t help but notice a common undercurrent that’s been there since Day 1. Every other word is us or we or together. Has any other President spent as much time addressing those who oppose or disagree with him than Obama […]

I Can’t Wait For Tuesday

DHL says the RAM that I ordered for my Macbook should arrive then. Goodbye lone gig and hello four! Oh, and there’s that whole election thingy everybody seems to care about. Go vote dammit and then get some free Krispy Kreme, Ben & Jerry’s, and chicken tenders.

Even CSPAN is Fun to Watch in HD

For as much as I’m into technology and newfangled whizbangery, every now and then I’m way off the mark. I dropped the ball on RSS feeds being useful only to reverse course six months later after I finally stopped being a bitch and tried them out. I once thought Macs were far overrated until I […]

Dance For Me, Monkey!

Remember Dancing Matt? Of course you do. Well Stride gum not only helped fund his awesome venture, but they’re also hosting a massively high def version of his latest video, which you can download here. It’s like watching it for the first time all over again. I freaking love the song as well. Best 0.99 […]

No More Drunk E-mails

Dear Facebook, Please follow Google’s lead and enable a similar feature that prevents drunken e-mails. Whoever came up with this idea needs to get a raise. Or at the very least a free case of brew.