I’ll Bring Cigars, You Get The Scotch

I’d like to take a minute and talk about the rare event where a man loves a man unconditionally.

Wait, that sounds gay. Let me try again.

When a man and a man really love each other…

Crap, that’s no better.

It’s hard to talk about male heterosexuals who love each other in today’s society. Somehow the formula has been unfairly mutated into Man + Man + Love + &#8734 = Gay. There’s very little wiggle room leftover and that’s quite a sad state of affairs to me.

The mere idea of male emotional intimacy is one of the few remaining nuts that our society has yet to even crack. The term Bromance tries its best to soothe people and let them know it’s just two guys who feel so friendly with each other that they don’t mind opening up about anything. But it doesn’t work. If anything, it comes across as a comical, even clownish, term that’s used to pair two goofballs together who don’t quite fit in with the rest of us. It’s one step above Outcasts and synonymous with Weirdos.

I like the hope of one day having a best friend who knows everything about me and vice versa. I also like boobs (on women). Both are equally awesome and one day I hope people come to accept that.

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  1. Ya know, it is kind of a double standard. Girls can be best friends with girls and close in a way that has no limits. Men have to call it “male bonding.” Kind of silly.

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