I have 100ish sites added to my RSS reader, which pings them every 30 or 60 minutes in search of new content. Inevitably a few new posts are found each round, which triggers a dull “ping” from my computer and an automated response from me to ignore them for 30 days until they’re deleted.

However, I also have four or five blogs filed under the heading “Awesome,” which is instead checked every 5 minutes. On the rare occasion that something new is found, the computer equivalent of a klaxon is sounded and my browser automatically loads the page. I only wish I was MacGyver enough to rig a ham sandwich-bearing robot to accompany the glorious occasion.

These sites could be classified as my all-time favorites – ones that have yet to disappoint, who time after time drive me to laud them far more than any healthy human being should, and who literally make surfing the net enjoyable for me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some obscenities to scream while I delete one of the feeds.

I’m not a fan of crotch shots when they happen to me and yet that’s exactly what I felt last night when I read of Fire Joe Morgan’s demise. I’m not going to harp on this, but damn. It was a brilliant fucking website and I’ll miss their insanely rational reasoning and absurd sense of humor. For the FJM virgins out there, enjoy this and this before breaking out the cigarettes.