Is This What Acid Feels Like?

Am I the only one who ends up having hallucinogenic dreams after taking NyQuil? I’ve been sick as a dog this week and finally decided to give NyQuil a shot the other night. Long story short, I spent the entire evening battling demons after being shrunk down to the size of a pea. Suddenly the wrinkles in my blankets were mountains and I was convinced I needed to tramp through them down to my dogs at the foot of the bed. I think I made it about half-way before daybreak.

Then last night I realized DayQuil has the exact same benefits as its counterpart, minus all the crazy.

Is it wrong that I’m slightly missing the crazy?

4 replies on “Is This What Acid Feels Like?”

  1. Hey, i’ve been sick all week too. I took cold pills last night and had a dream with you and Froggie in it. In the dream we were out driving a tornado and then we got suck in and were on the LOST island. Go figure lol. FEEL BETTER!

  2. I believe the term is “Robo Tripping”. I’ve heard it will make you hallucinate. I think it’s pretty bad for you too. Lol.

  3. Robo Tripping? lol. OMG… Goob, i hope you don’t have any more hallucinations…Poor puppies lol. they were probably thinking you had gone mad!

  4. Cough syrup does that to me, even in tiny amounts, just not as intense. I feel like I’m losing it, everything starts to warp, I throw up, and it goes a little bit back to normal. I took a spoonful at a friends house to sleep when I was sick one time and found myself holding on the wall trying to get to the bathroom as everything was moving around me. Hence, why Jessica only takes Ibuprofen, and Zyrtec. I really can’t take anything else. I just try to tough out sickness now.

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