They’re back!

You know how I can tell the Olympics are back again? My old post with the Misty May / Kerri Walsh photos is getting a ton of search engine traffic.

Oh, well that and the fact that I’ve been glued to the TV for the past 48 hours. What’s the over / under on how much I get accomplished in the next few weeks? It doesn’t matter, just take the under and bet the kid’s college fund.

EDIT: Who else just saw that epic comeback by the US swim team? AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!

EDITED EDIT: I love this photo. US Swim Team = Awesome

3 replies on “They’re back!”

  1. That was a pretty intense race. I think three teams who weren’t even on the podium broke the old world record.

    I was late to work this morning because I was watching Poland and China play volleyball. I love the Olympics.

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