No more stealing

In my ongoing effort to try and give credit to anything I may have borrowed, used, or downright taken here on Shyzer and elsewhere on all my sites, I finally slayed the giant beast that was finding the original design that I used as a template for the creation of this current Shyzer theme. It’s not quite like what I have now, as I think it’s better, albeit a little more cluttered than what I’ve currently got. It took me fucking forever to find it as well. I’ve got a link to it and the creator’s website down on my footer and it will remain there until I switch themes to something else, which should be soon, but still.

I’m sick of people stealing my work, be it writing or photos. But I don’t think I have the right to complain about it until I’m completely and utterly free of committing the same crime.

And to be honest, I think I’m pretty much there. About damn time. Commence the bitching about theft…now!

2 replies on “No more stealing”

  1. Sorry the people are lifting your stuff. That sucks, I know how it feels and it always made me angry. The best thing to to is write them a letter and let them know that you found them and your pissed. They might be stupid and/or ignorant of what they did, and willing to make it right. Either that or it’ll just make them mad, and either way at least you were able to do something. There are, of course, further steps you can take 😉 Copyrighted material is copyrighted material, period.

    Glad to see that you found where your css style came from. I’ve always been a fan of CSS Zen garden. Their site is amazing. I found it a few years ago when I learned what css was, lol.

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