March Madness Contest

Want to win $25? Then join in on the HIF March Madness Contest!

It’s a contest I’m holding over on Hey, It’s Free for a few people off the forums, but if anybody here on Shyzer (all three of you!) want to join in on the fun and try to win a little cash that I’m giving away, feel free to sign up and play. You have until tomorrow morning before the tip off of the first game to get your bracket in.

Don’t worry if you know nothing about college basketball either, because none of us have a freaking clue over there 😀

Yahoo group:
School: South Carolina
Group Name: HITF B-Ball Tourney

If you don’t have a yahoo account already, it’s free and easy to make one. Though who doesn’t have a Yahoo account these days? Feel free to comment here or on the freebie forums if you want to follow along in all the friendly trash talking we’re sure to commence in.