Sexy updates without the sexiness

I tweaked the hell out of Shyzer the other night since I realized I’m sticking with this theme longer than I originally imaged. Some new features of note:

  • The share this button. Click on it to easily and quickly send a certain post to a friend via Email, Facebook, Digg, etc.
  • When you go to leave a comment, scroll up a little and you’ll notice a new box of “related posts” to the post you just read. It’s a great way to be reminded of all the pointless crap I’ve written over the years!
  • The search box now has magic text that disappears when you click it and then poofs back when you click elsewhere. OMG ITZ WITCHCRAFT!
  • When you hover over a post’s title, it no longer double underlines it. That always annoyed the crap out of me, but I was too lazy to fix it.
  • I upgraded all the plugins on the site, so now they no longer break for no reason.
  • The sidebar links were cleaned up a bit. Nothing new added, a few old links removed.
  • The freebies widget was added on the sidebar, to show all the awesome freebies I post on HIF. I can’t get the damned timestamp removed on it though, which sucks. The widget, though, was created thanks to wigitize.

Wow. Wasn’t all that so exciting?