South Carolina, I have a favor

Hey, South Carolina. Do me a favor and please don’t screw this up tomorrow.

Also, to everybody who commented in the post below, thanks. I honestly didn’t know that many of you still read Shyzer. You guys rock 🙂

Edit: Welcome, CNN readers. Don’t bother reading this post, check out the good stuff.

3 replies on “South Carolina, I have a favor”

  1. Obama is making a fool of himself.
    He is the one who is putting race in this thing, and he is acting like it is Hillary’s fault.
    What a jerk he is.
    I thought we were past this sort of thing as a nation.
    It seems that Obama is not.
    I want to move forward.
    So does this country.
    Vote for Hillary Clinton.
    I am,

    George Vreeland Hill

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