I spent the last few days making a brand new layout for Shyzer. Then I realized that I really, really like this layout despite the fact that I’ve had it for over 20 months. Seeing as how Facebook Talk already has a recent new design and the layout really wouldn’t work for Hey, It’s Free, I guess I’ll just pocket this one for later.

Not to say that this is the best layout ever, but it’s far from horrible and has everything I want in a design. Clean, some bold colors, clean, straight to the point, not much fluff, clean, and CLEAN. Everybody knows that when somebody types IN ALL CAPS, it’s as if they are screaming at them. Well when I go to a website and there’s so much stuff going on that I can’t tell what is what, then it’s as if the website is screaming at me. Which means I close the tab and move to another site. That’s not what I want Shyzer to be like and while the new layout isn’t busy or dynamic or screaming at you, it’s not quite as low key as this layout.

This is all an extremely moot point, however, because nobody reads this damn site anymore. Surprisingly, that doesn’t really bother me though.

7 replies on “Whoops”

  1. Shyzer, I read the site time to time. It’s how I found out about the Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz deal. BTW…friends with J.B. in Spartanburg…he’s a good friend of your Dads…In fact your Dad threw a forward pass across Delaney’s with a soap gift pack a few years ago….

  2. I still read it too, of all things… Heck, you’re my “go to guy” when it comes to asking webmaster questions, Goob. Haha. Because every damn time I ask you a question, I find the answer myself a half hour later. XD

    And I agree with you on the plain and simple approach to the blog layout. It just makes everything sooooooo much easier and there’s no clutter then. Of course, I have a feeling that I’ll start sprucing mine up with things here and there, but I’m still figuring out some basics enough that I’m fine as I stand for a while…

  3. Long time no post. Anyway, I came to give my condolences on the Pack game. I was hoping they would win, I want a rematch from their last SB.
    Anyway, hope Brett comes back for another year, would be a shame to see him go with such a young and talented team around him.
    GO PATS!

  4. I’m with her on the Pats. And yes, I, much like creepy “You have good bald aura I want autograph picture” freak, still enjoy stalking you. <3 (actually, with all that time off I had over break, i started reading your old old posts… made me see the gewb in different ways.)

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