Milestone: Reached

Folks, we’ve done it. It took us almost five years and God knows how many posts and comments, but we’ve finally reached the pinnacle of Internet success. Stardom. Immortality.

I’m of course referring to the fact that two days ago, a domain squatting company decided that was such a successful and amazing site, that they needed to purchase as many of it’s misspelled domains as possible. Shyerz. Shyezr. Syhzer. You name it and I’m pretty sure they’ve snapped it up.

It’s nice to know that whenever I don’t feel like posting on here, all those fake sites have my back. My readers will still be able to head on over to for all their “Samsung Toner Cartridges” needs, which I think speaks for itself. If there’s one thing I immediately associate with Shyzer, it’s toner cartridges from our good friends at Samsung.

Actually, now that I look around, I see that has links to “Metal and Non-Metal Balls”. Please, we all know Shyzer has nothing but Metal Balls. We don’t waste our time or kid around with any of those Non-Metal Balls.

Heh heh heh. Balls.