Traveling to Vienna would be easier

I’ve officially migrated to using a Mac full time now, more out of it being the best computer I have by far than anything else, and as a result I’ve gotten into doing things that I never did before. Like using RSS feeds, which is a huge shift from my previously held stance on them.

Long story short, I downloaded Vienna today, added all of my daily reads to it, and then decided to add all of my own sites to it just to check out how my posts look in an RSS reader. AND GUESS WHICH SITE HAS A BAD RSS FEED?!

Look Shyzer, I love you. I really do. You’re my favorite, and please don’t repeat that to Hey, It’s Free or Facebook Talk. All that’ll do is make for a really awkward family reunion, then Learn To Cheat will start drinking since he thinks nobody likes him and before you know it, all of your bastard cousins will show up and demand to know why I even bother to renew them every year. So just do me a favor and stop acting like a punk ass and just start to work like you’re supposed to. Come on, you know I take good care of you. Think about all of those poor little orphan sites that would kill to be in your shoes, like Circle of Jerks. He doesn’t even have a proper layout anymore! You want to end up like that?

See, that’s what I thought. So get your act together and start flying straight or else I’m so gonna send you to your room and not let you talk to Google anymore.