In one year…

In the past year, visitors from 99 different countries have visited Shyzer. I was hoping to hit the 100 mark, but alas, twas not to be as we fell short by one mere country. Afghanistan joined the party on December 30th, 2006, making it the most recent to arrive to the party thanks to a bored American GI on a base in who knows where. To you, Unknown Soldier, I salute you. And to everybody else across the world, whether you be the Pakistani looking for breast orgies or the German wanting a handwritten photo of my great aura, I’m glad you’re here. It certainly makes writing this pointless drivel every day more fun.

Now somebody go to Cuba or Tanzania and visit Shyzer so that we can get over the double digit mark!

AWESOMELY COOL EDIT: Would you effing believe that not 30 minutes after making this post, I had visitors from Brunei and Syria visit Shyzer almost back-to-back, thereby putting us up to 101? Way to go Shyzerians in representing!