Just in case you didn’t know

I want to make sure some of my friends know one important fact:

Just because you’re 23 and out of college, that doesn’t mean you have to propose to your girlfriend. You know, you can try living together while dating first or maybe waiting for a year or two if you want. There’s no law requiring you get married once you’ve been handed a degree or gotten an entry level job at the nearby Kramerica Industries factory. Just because you’re old drinking buddy decided to propose to his lady doesn’t mean you have to as well. It’s not a race, folks.

I understand we grew up in the South where tradition is king, but Christ. I couldn’t see myself getting married right now any more than I could see a small monkey crawling out of my ass tomorrow. In fact, I’d have an easier time picturing the latter. If I ask another one of my friends why they’re getting married and their response is, “Uh…isn’t that like what we’re supposed to do now?”, I may just go postal.

When are people going to stop doing things simply because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do?

One reply on “Just in case you didn’t know”

  1. I couldn’t think of anything worse than simply marrying because it is ‘the thing to do’. Marriage is forever and not something to be played with. Precisely the reason I have no desire to marry, I stay in my current relationship because it is my choice to do so, not because I have bound myself to it. One day, perhaps.
    Unfortunately there are lot of people out there who go through their lives doing the things they believe they are meant to do rather than want they would like to do. Pretty unfortunate really.

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