It’s finally become fun again

Right around the time where started losing all inspiration to update Shyzer, I remember seeing a short video of a mystery man catching Heather from Dooce and in a hotel lobby and staging an impromptu interview. Apparently I saved said video, which should come as no shock to anybody since I am Lord Packrat, King of Saving Random Videos, Funny Pictures, and Other Useless Shit. As I went through My Video folder the other day, I stumbled across the clip and watched it yet again. In it, Heather shares the following two tips:

My secret is trying to find a story in the most mundane of events and it’s a challenge but it’s also an extremely fulfilling type of artistry, I think.

Truer words have never been spoken.

I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed working on Hey, It’s Free so much since I opened it in March. Initially, I had planned on making the site a farm from which I could get referrals to my accounts such as and the such. But once I realized that was going to be un-Godly boring and bland, I just started posting links to free items every few hours.

Before I knew it, I started trying to find something funny in each item, either in making fun of myself for wanting the freebie, making fun of others for wanting it, or making fun of the freebie itself. It grew to be a challenge; trying to come up with two or three liners multiple times a day on random items. I personally still think I suck at it, but not only has the traffic grown almost each week, but the response has been amazing. I get almost daily comments and e-mails from people who think I’m hilarious and it both baffles and humbles me.

Every time I get one, I want to say, “Me? Funny? Na, I’m not funny, you’re got it all wrong. These people are funny, check out this or this or this blog…I’m just a guy trying to show you where you can get free dog pooper scoopers and coupons for small diet cokes.”

Shyzer never was the pinnacle of blogs. It was a blast for a while, but somewhere along the way it became a chore. I started to loath the thought of trying to pluck a story out of my daily events and it showed, both in terms of the quality and frequency of my updating here. This is nothing new, as it’s happened before to me with Shyzer. But what Hey, It’s Free has done is remind me how enjoyable running a website can be.

Just as I’ve discovered I enjoy trying to find the funny in promotional crap companies give away, finding a story in my everyday life has become fun again. And that, my friends, feels wonderful.