Free Money

If you want $20 free sent to your Paypal account, check out this post over on Hey, It’s Free! (here’s proof). I’m trying it out right now to see if I can get another $20 with another fake e-bay account I have, but as of yet I’m not sure if that will work or not. Either way though, $20 for 10 minutes worth of my time is a good deal to me.

And as a matter of fact, you all should be reading that site daily now. I know I “launched” it back in August, but in all honesty, I didn’t really update or keep it operational for longer than a week. However, ever since late February, I’ve updated it multiple times daily with posts. I revamped many of the pages and changed the direction of the site from having my referral link peppered all over the site to offering nothing but completely and 100% free items. So, go take a look at Hey, It’s Free and…well, add it to your bookmarks and keep going back to it every day! New posts over there are automatically made every 4ish hours and bring with them information on how to get free samples, money, electronics, food, sex toys – you name it, I post how to get it for free!

7 replies on “Free Money”

  1. While browsing Delicious, I noticed someone had just posted Hey Its Free. So congrats, you have entered the delicious realm. It is a great site by the way. Angela-approved.

  2. I need to add a delicious button to HIF, because I honestly didn’t realize how huge and popular that site was. Glas to see HIF is Angela approved though 🙂

    I actually created a 2nd paypal account yesterday just to get some more money. I then logged into my original unwire buyer account and referred myself (thus getting a $5 referral bonus) and did the whole process over again. So now I’ve got $45 thanks to this site!

    Now I’m off to figure out if I can do it a third time 🙂

  3. And speaking of things I need to add to sites I own, a decent amount of codework needs to go into these comments because they are looking horrid right now.

  4. I check it occasionally during Journalism when I’m out of things to do. God knows how many innane things I’ve signed up for.

    Anyway, layout is superb. Glad you’re back.

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