And We’re Back!

Nope, your eyes don’t deceive you. Your computer isn’t playing a trick on you and…well, some other stupid little saying that delays the following sentence. Shyzer is back up and running, although to what extent is yet to be determined. I figured two weeks was enough time to keep, as Fellner said, “just a bunch of words and white space” up. We’ll see where I go from here, though.

The most obvious change of course is the new layout. Gone is the clutter and replacing it is clean, crisp, goodness. The radio, webcam, and tagboard are gone, the latter two permanently. The new radio is under the “radio” link and it shouldn’t be much more complicated than that. I bet y’all can guess where the search section is and if you need a few external links to other sites, they’re not hiding anywhere. I’m still not sure if I want to keep comments around or not, so I guess we’ll just see. For now, they’re here, but I might yank them at any moment.

This layout is a first for me in many ways, one of them being using a white background. My past three layouts were all dark (black, black, and dark greenish) and I wanted to liven things up a little with not only some color, but some non-dreary inducing whiteness. When I first sat down to sketch what I wanted the new design to look like, I also knew I wanted a bigger area for my posts. What I hated about the old layout was how there was so much blank space on the right and left hand side of the posts / sidebar. For those of us using a larger resolution on our monitors, it looks like utter crap. I wanted Shyzer to stretch and fit the full length of the page and now, no matter what resolution you use, it does just that. (and Damn you to hell 800*600 people! I had a hell of a time configuring this layout to fit properly and all I can ask is why the hell are there still people out there using 800*600 resolutions!?!?!)

This is also the first layout I’ve coded from the ground up using CSS. In my past layouts, I’ve taken other people’s designs and proceeded to hack, slash, and duct tape them into something I not only better enjoy, but that will also work with the programs I use around here. This is akin to chopping down a redwood and then sawing, chiseling, and chopping your way to a decent kitchen table. But this time I decided to just plant a kitchen table seed and let one grow straight from the ground instead. I finally decided to expand on both my knowledge of CSS and WordPress and so I bought a kickass CSS book and followed a wonderfully written WordPress tutorial to get at what you see here. No tables, no images, all CSS and WordPress codes. And damn am I proud of it.

I’ve still got a little bit of work to do, but that’s just touch up stuff. The sub-heading above (The Beauty of Simplicity) might soon display random quotes every time you load a new page, but I haven’t perfected that code just yet.

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