Wanna Participate?

Fellner sent me an IM mentioning that since half the fun of March Madness is the ability to fill out your own bracket and see how you fare, that I should allow the same for this Religion Tournament I’m doing. Good point, old chap, but Adobe makes it hard as hell for the average user to make an interactive .pdf file. But as always, I found a way.

So, anybody who’d like to participate, click here (sorry, link since removed) and fill in which contestants you think will win each round. Once you’ve done so, hit the “save then e-mail” button, select “other,” and then hit “Save Data File.” This will now save your picks to your own computer in .xml form and all you have to do is e-mail that file to me.

Once you e-mail me your .xml file, I’ll plug it into the original bracket and upload them all here on Shyzer. That way, you’ll be able to not only see who you picked, but who all your other fellow Shyzerans picked and we can all watch to see whose bracket was the most poorly selected! See, isn’t public ridicule fun?! And so help me God if the only person who actually does this is Fellner!

Two quick last notes, first, since I’m posting this at 0230, I’m gonna hold off on starting the first round and give everybody one full day to get their brackets in. Second, I already know who is going as far as the Sweet 16 and I’ve got a vague idea of the Elite Eight and Final Four. Your submissions will have no effect of the results, so pick whoever the hell you want and don’t worry about possibly influencing me.

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  1. Oh yeah, and Leesill joining the facebook? I think there were better odds for Albany to make it to the final four.

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