I need some Jews, among many things

I’ve had this as my away message for a day or two and I figured I might as well post it here and see if I can get any more good answers from you people.

Here is what I need: I need y’all to think of actors, singers, athletes, politicians – basically ANYBODY famous that you associate with a specific religion. For instance, Mel Gibson = Hollywood’s poster child Christian. Tom Cruise = Crazy Scientology Dude. Richard Gere = Buddhist. You get the point. Also, the person can be associated with a religion I’ve already named. Mel Gibson doesn’t get to be the only Christian on my list and while I’d love for there to be as few Scientology people on it as possible, if you can think of any other person you immediately associate with the wacko “religion”, then fire away.

So make yourselves useful and contribute to a Shyzer post I’m working on!

3 replies on “I need some Jews, among many things”

  1. Oh man.. which Baldwin is it that’s a hardcore Christian? *thinks* Stephen Baldwin.

    Kirk Cameron (if you wanna call him a celeb) is Christian also… along with Amy Grant.

    In Scientology, I always think of Travolta, too.

    Madonna = Kabbalah

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