A truly global internet

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Since the day this post was created, Shyzer has received visitors from the following countries:

Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan
Algeria Flag Algeria
Argentina Flag Argentina
Australia Flag Australia
Austria Flag Austria
Bahrain Flag Bahrain
Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh
Belgium Flag Belgium
Bermuda Flag Bermuda
Bolivia Flag Bolivia
Brazil Flag Brazil
Britain Flag Britain
Brunei Flag Brunei
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria
Burkina Faso Flag Burkina Faso
Canada Flag Canada
Chile Flag Chile
China Flag China
Columbia Flag Columbia
Costa Rica Flag Costa Rica
Cote D'Ivoire Flag Cote D’Ivoire
Croatia Flag Croatia
Cyprus Flag Cyprus
Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic
Denmark Flag Denmark
Dominican Republic Flag Dominican Republic
Ecuador Flag Ecuador
Egypt Flag Egypt
El Salvador Flag El Salvador
Estonia Flag Estonia
Europe Flag Europe
Faroe Islands Flag Faroe Islands
Fiji Flag Fiji
Finland Flag Finland
France Flag France
Germany Flag Germany
Ghana Flag Ghana
Greece Flag Greece
Greenland Flag Greenland
Guatemala Flag Guatemala
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong
Hungary Flag Hungary
Iceland Flag Iceland
India Flag India
Indonesia Flag Indonesia
Iran Flag Iran
Iraq Flag Iraq
Ireland Flag Ireland
Isreal Flag Isreal
Italy Flag Italy
Japan Flag Japan
Jordan Flag Jordan
Kuwait Flag Kuwait
Laos Flag Laos
Latvia Flag Latvia
Lebanon Flag Lebanon
Lithuania Flag Lithuania
Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg
Malaysia Flag Malaysia
Malta Flag Malta
Mauritius Flag Mauritius
Mexico Flag Mexico
Morocco Flag Morocco
Netherlands Flag Netherlands
New Zealand Flag New Zealand
Nigeria Flag Nigeria
Norway Flag Norway
Oman Flag Oman
Pakistan Flag Pakistan
Panama Flag Panama
Peru Flag Peru
Philippines Flag Philippines
Poland Flag Poland
Portugal Flag Portugal
Puerto Rico Flag Puerto Rico
Qatar Flag Qatar
Romania Flag Romania
Russia Flag Russia
Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
Serbia Flag Serbia
Singapore Flag Singapore
Slovakia Flag Slovakia
Slovenia Flag Slovenia
South Africa Flag South Africa
South Korea Flag South Korea
Spain Flag Spain
Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka
Sudan Flag Sudan
Sweden Flag Sweden
Switzerland Flag Switzerland
Syria Flag Syria
Taiwan Flag Taiwan
Thailand Flag Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia Flag Tunisia
Turkey Flag Turkey
Uganda Flag Uganda
Ukraine Flag Ukraine
Uruguay Flag Uruguay
United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates
United States Flag United States
Venezuela Flag Venezuela
Vietnam Flag Vietnam

Allow me to take a moment to say, “That’s damn cool.”

7 replies on “A truly global internet”

  1. um, who the fuck do you know in Singapore? i mean we all have friends we correspond with in Oman, but SINGAPORE?

  2. Uh, do not let that post that I aparently posted mean anything to you. It sure as hell wasn’t me. I bet it was Sax, being careless. As always. I think that is damn cool that you have so many countries looking at Shyzer.

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve outted my Al Qaeda contact in Oman by posting this, so the FBI is tapping my phone calls. I have so much to learn about being part of a sleeper cell!

    As far as Singapore, I’m guessing it was some hot Asian chick who hears I’m in the business of marriage for citizenship and wants to get her hands on an American green card.

    And Waynus, my first thought when reading that was, “That must have been Sax”

  4. Who typed that? I sure as crap didn’t type that but now that you mention it you might be right…I’ve got my eyes on you!!!

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