My gallery can blow me

I’ve officially reached the end of my patience with the Shyzer Gallery software (which is oh-so-cleverly named Gallery) and am going to be ditching it. They came out with an “upgrade” back in September and frankly, the only thing it upgraded were the number of headaches their software would give me over the course of a week. I’ll spare you the mumbo-jumbo, but as it currently stands, it takes me 8 minutes to upload a single picture.

Eight minutes per fucking picture.

No thank you.

So, I’ve spent today backing up my pictures and am going to spend tomorrow moving over to something else. As of now, I am considering switching to either 4images, Coppermine, or pay $24.99 for a Flickr Pro account. I would go with one of the two free software, but they both could have me wanting to strangle myself just like Gallery has over the past few years. And while Flickr costs money each year, there are some cool plugins with WordPress that I could use.

I thought about taking the damn pictures down altogether, but once I thought about it and looked at the stats, I actually realized how many people visit the darn things each day. So since people seem to enjoy them, I’ll keep them around – albeit in a new format – and anybody who wants to see me in a freaking dress at 0300 on a Tuesday morning will still be able to come to Shyzer and have a peek.