Screwy is Normal for Shyzer

You might have noticed that Shyzer’s been acting funny lately. Then again, maybe you haven’t been here in a few months and are thinking to yourself, “why the hell do I even come back to this place?” Either way, I know it’s been weird for some people and hopefully it’ll be settled out by tomorrow. I switched Shyzer’s IP to a new one and it basically just took a few days for the Internet to cycle through and notice the changes.

Sometime soon, I’m gonna clean some space off of Shyzer to make room for some new videos I’ve recorded lately. So, if you have any favorite movies or anything, you might want to DL them just in case I take them off Shyzer soon. They’ll always be available by request though.

Sorry for the short entry, but I’m tired and I’ve had a bit too much egg nog & rum. God I love the holidays. My rum & cokes are replaced with a seasonal beverage, Christmas music literally fills the house all day as my mom plays the same 6 CDs repeatedly, and Christmas decorations blanket the house. You can’t ask for more.

2 replies on “Screwy is Normal for Shyzer”

  1. Haha, sounds like you have a great time up there… if things hold up until then, I can’t wait to catch some of this repetitive christmas music. There’s nothing I like more than overplayed, hundreds-of-years-old songs that begin to suck after the 11th year they’re played. Or for that matter, any number of years.

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