Where’s my rum & coke?

Shyzer will go offline sometime around Monday night – Tuesday morning and will be down for up to 24 hours. During that time, you may find that your life is empty without your favorite website, so I suggest you do one of the following Goob approved activities:

Go visit another site. There’s plenty to pick from down there on the lower left hand side of Shyzer.

Go have a rum & coke. They’re quite delicious.

Watch some baseball. There’s only a week left to go and even though my team is buried in the standings (Hello high draft pick for the second year in a row!), I am captivated by the playoff races. 10 teams are on the brink. Too bad there are only 6 ladies looking to dance. I love this time of year.

Make up a song. Sing it aloud. Loudly. While naked! Trust me, the naked part makes it fun.

If you’re not gonna drink that rum & coke, at least send it my way. Chances are I’m sitting here sweating bullets, trying to get Shyzer back on-line and configured correctly.

And if all else fails, get the fuck outside. It’s gorgeous here in Virginia right now and I’ve been happily spending my days outdoors doing manual labor. Fresh air is good for ya, you know?

See ya Tuesday evening folks.