6 replies on “Every damn morning.”

  1. Did the dream involve Paris Hilton and a bottle of whip cream? Yeah, I would give anything to be in that dream too.

  2. ya know maybe i’m just strange b/c my dreams are usually things i’d rather never live….like the other day i had a dream that an enormous yellow spider with green polka dots walked three inches away from my face. i don’t want to live that.

    maybe if you’re unsatisfied with your life it’s time to make a change. too short to sit around dreaming about things

  3. The strangest thing… Last night, I spent some time with my friend Mike. I left his apartment at 6am and went to bed. While asleep, I dreamt I was still hanging out with him and still drinking. My brain wasn’t done having fun so it continued my night out for me when my body could go no further.

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