The people hath spoken over 1100 times.

Anybody who visited Shyzer yesterday around 1100 was most likely greeted by a simply splash page laced with profanity and obscene gestures (they were there, even if you couldn’t see them.) I was this close to calling it quits or at least to packing up Shyzer for a three month minimum hiatus. There was a potential database critical failure that I somehow led myself to believe had occurred and the prospect of losing 24 hours worth of work was not promising whatsoever. Throw in the fact that I had a website hacked the other day, thought it might be happening again with Shyzer, realized my backups were amazingly outdated and you can see why I pounded a few drinks this morning muttering “fuck it.” But all is well now, crisis averted, and Shyzer is here to stay, yada yada.

You might be asking yourself, “24 hours worth of work? What the hell are you talking about?” Well, skippy, go take a look at the archives. No, ignore the weird white line encompassing the page, I still I have no idea what’s causing that. Or why the Shyzer Blog logo in the archives is black or at the very least a dark gray. What you need to focus on instead is that I finally did what I was talking about a week or so ago. I’ve spent 7 or 8 hours per day for the past three days importing each and every bloody comment from Greymatter into MovableType. Why? Well, that will become a little more clear to y’all in the very near future =)

Doing this little endeavor, I learned a few things about Shyzer that I honestly didn’t know beforehand. Allow me to share.

  • Somehow the baton for “Biggest Comment Whore” belongs to Angela, who has outright blown the competition out of the water for over two years now. Starting around March of ’03, she just started commenting and hasn’t stopped. This is easily the biggest shocker to me; I had no idea how much she’d commented in all.
  • Stan made three separate comments over the span of 6 months saying some variation of “This is the first time I’ve ever commented on Shyzer.” Well done, my boy.
  • A total of 16 people have left comments linking to now defunct websites. Some of these people I remember from back in the day, others not so much. I tried going to their websites to see who they were, but I was either greeted with an “Error: Cannot find” or with some search engine from a company that goes around buying expired domains. And to think, Shyzer could have become #17.
  • Fellner didn’t comment once before April 30th, 2004. Sax didn’t comment before April 14th, 2004. Jaime didn’t comment before August 25th, 2004. I’m not faulting any of them, I’m simply saying that in my head, I seem to remember all three of them commenting here on Shyzer since day one. I didn’t realize how many new people started commenting around the time I switched from Greymatter to MovableType. This also means that Fellner was beaten to commenting by LeeSill, who left his first comment on February somethingorother, 2004. Sucker.
  • Some of the steadiest commenters have been Ally, Angel, Caitlin and Shipman, who all started commenting early and still do to this day. I figured Waynus or Clay might be in that group, but neither of them comment nearly as much as I thought they did.
  • I didn’t realize much more than this, but I had already made this bullet, so I figured I should put something here. How about a fun statistical fact. I have over 150 comments. Angela has over 100. We’re the only two to crack triple digits.

Anyways, there you have it. 24 hours worth of mind numbingly boring work and that’s what I come up with.

7 replies on “The people hath spoken over 1100 times.”

  1. That’s funny that’s when I started commenting, however I read long before I commented. I was one of THOSE people that read and never said anything. I remember there was something about a post in particular that I felt the need to comment on…but I now have no idea what it was. However, fear not because I did go back and read all that I could (in fact, I think I read everything) on the site to “catch up” maybe that’s why it feels like I’ve been here forever!! 🙂

  2. Well damn… I kept waiting for me OR Clays name to be up there at least in the top 5. Well I guess this means I have to start commenting on every single post.

  3. Oh I did go back and read everything. Of course I had been reading for a long time before I actually posted. Sometimes at work you need something to keep your mind occupied…

  4. I with Caitlin – being under (beside) a bullet is definitely something to cheer about.

    I bet if I go back and read my comments, the word “definitely” is going to be in there over 50% of the time. I use that word entirely too much.

  5. It should be noted that Fellner didn’t know HOW to comment before the aforementioned date. Sucker and a loser, I guess.

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