Finally, some damn updates around this joint.

The past few days I have spent hours upon hours working on my websites / computers. While in Australia, I brought along my family’s camcorder and captured some great footage that I wanted to share with the world. Unfortunately, when I tried to upload said footage to my computer, it froze. I restarted the computer, it froze. I went to the bathroom, it froze. I cursed to the Gods above and it…….that’s right folks, it froze. I have no idea what’s going on, but we here at Shyzer Industries refuse to let something as simple as complete and total hardware malfunction stand in our way of bringing you sub-quality material that you force yourself to even chuckle at. Give me another day or two and hopefully I’ll have it worked out.

Also, as I was going to upload some pictures in the gallery, I was told that I needed to upgrade my software. I was promised that it would be “Smooth, fast, and easy!” so I went ahead and hit the upgrade button. SIX HOURS LATER I opened my window, was greeted by a rising sun, and screamed at the top of my lungs that I was quitting the Internet.

Alas, I managed to complete the upgrade and even more astounding, upload a few hundred pictures. First off, there’s the pirate party that Dutch Dave and Luke threw right before we all left Newcastle. Dutch was returning to Europe and Luke was moving away, so they figured why not throw a going away party? I simply had fun running around with a pirate hat on my head screaming “ARRRRRG!”

Next we have my pictures from the Sydney Farewell Trip that Hannah, Keeley, Simon, Tim, and Tom accompanied me on. My plane left early Thursday morning, so in order not to miss it, we all went down Wednesday morning, goofed off in Sydney all day and night, and then went to the airport the next morning.

From there we move onto some family pictures. As soon as I left Australia, I met up with my family in Minnesota to spend the 4th of July with them. If you remember, Tommy and I went up there last year for the 4th to hang with our aunt, uncle, and nephew, but this year my mom, Jeff, and all my siblings joined us.

And finally, some pictures from graduation as well as a few other random shots. From now on, I’m going to be sticking random family pictures in this category.

Next on the agenda for Shyzer is getting these videos uploaded, updating the cast pages, converting all the old GreyMatter posts into MovableType and THEN upgrading to WordPress. After that, might I dream of making a new layout?! Of course, my every other three days ranting will go on in-between all this!

Actually, I take that back. I already have a post typed up for tomorrow about how I caused Hurricane Katrina. Bet you’ll never be able to guess how!

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  1. Upgrading to MT and then WP? Have fun! I just dumped all of my old GM posts and started anew with WP… I couldn’t be bothered to back anything up. But you have a lot of great posts around here that need to be saved, so I definitely don’t blame you. I thought you could just go from GM to WP.. the only drag is having to install the old 1.2 version of WP, then import your GM files, and then you’d have to upgrade to the most recent WP release.

  2. Oh, if only I had had the foresight back in the day….

    See, all I have left of my GM posts are the HTML files I downloaded of them before I dumped it and went to MT. There’s no way for me to just upload them to MT or WP because they are all just sitting around in HTML pages, not in a neat and backedup file of GM, like I should have done.

    So what I have to do is go into MT. Open the first GM post, copy it, paste it into MT, set the correct time and date, and hit save. Rinse and repeat over and over and over.

    And don’t even get me started about importing the comments. I have to go into MySQL and MANUALLY INPUT EACH ONE! It takes on average 2 minutes per comment. I think I might just say fuck those and leave them behind in the cyber garbage.

  3. Yikes! I’m not envious at all… having to enter each entry and change the date is bad enough without having to do the comments, too! I’d probably leave those in the cyber garbage as well. 😉

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