I never was a Southern Boy

Tomorrow, I will finally be moving my permanent address to a location outside South Carolina borders. I say finally because this has been a desire of mine ever since I was a wee little Goobling in middle school. Sure, I could have left when I was going to college and there’s still a part of me that wishes I had gone and become a Wolverine or Gator like I wanted to, but as we all know, I became a Gamecock. So I figure there’s no time better than now to pack up, head a few states over, and see what it’s like there. I guarantee you come 2006 I’ll be tired of Virginia, but the key to that phrase is that I’ll finally be growing tired of a new place instead of South Carolina.

Like the title says, I never really was a Southern Boy. It’s just not my cup of tea. South Carolina will always be my home, there’s no masking or escaping that, but it will be a home that I visit only during holidays and then leave behind again for a while. If anything, Australia finally gave me the courage to get the hell out of this state and go do my own thing, which is exactly what I’m doing.

This is the first step to bigger and better things. I’ve already made plans that will almost triple the number of countries I’ve been to in my life in only a year’s time, the first of which occurs next month. And as we all know, moving back to Australia is actually not that far off in the horizon =)

But to begin any journey, you’ve got to make that first step. Well here’s mine. It only took me 10 years to get the hell out of this place!

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  1. Good for you for making that step! But, I’ve never had a post card from South Carolina or from Virginia…hint hint 🙂

  2. In addition, life is only what you make of it. Australia would have sucked some serious ass if you didn’t make the effort to have a good time. So I don’t think it’s where you go at all, it’s what you make of where you are.

  3. Damn!!!! I’ve got some extra room in my house now….Isn’t that weird?? Wonder who was taking up all of that room???? Can you say: “Coke Can Collection”? I knew you could!!!

  4. Of course I’m running away from something; South Carolina. It’s grown old, stale, and after so many years there I’ve gotten everything out of it that I ever want to. The things I want to do are simply not fesible if I stay in South Carolina and moving to Virginia was the best course of action if I want to do all the traveling I plan to in the next year. But being able to leave South Carolina was the icing on the cake.

    And Sax, those coke cans are getting tossed!

  5. BAhahaha! Running away from South Carolina to Virgina is not an answer. As a matter of fact, that’s possibly the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. I lived in Virgina for two years. It’s not the land where dreams are made. Goob, you are so dumb 😛

  6. You’re not getting me here bud.

    I need to be near D.C.
    I need to be near a major airport.
    I want to be near my family.
    I need to be on the east coast.
    I need to be in a place where I can save as much money as possible.
    Virginia meets all those requirements.

    This is only a temporary move anyways. I’m heading back to Australia in February, so this is for seven months. The town I’ve moved to up here is small and I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that I will be tired of it within 7 months. This isn’t a place I’ve moved to for the next 5 or 10 years.

    Part of the fun to going to Australia was that I didn’t have any friends there. I could just start over fresh, which is what I plan to do here. I’m sick of just staying in one state and meeting people there, I want to get out a bit. And so why not move 8 hours away to a new region where there is more of what I need and where I can meet new people without having to run into old people from high school every 10 feet?

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