Thanks for getting me through this year

ESPN may have pushed this far down on their front page, but I certainly think it’s more important than any draft pick made today. Your memory, and more importantly, the things you did throughout your life still live on today. I just wish I had had the opportunity to meet you in the flesh and blood.

I’ll never forget what you and almost two thousand other Americans have sacrificed for this nation. I think about, with no exaggeration, each and every day I waken. God, if you’re really up there, I hope you’ll allow me to be half the man that Tillman was.

You know, I take that back. I could die happy with just a quarter.

Thank You.

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  1. I can’t think about Tillman without getting teary-eyed. I loved him as a player and it’s rare when you can be a fan of the athlete and the person; with Pat you could. I keep reading stories about how the NFL wanted him to come back and play, but he stayed…he was truly amazing.

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