They call me Goob

Before I came over here, I spent some time mulling over an important decision that I felt could make or break my entire experience. What name should I go by?

It’s a tricky conundrum if you actually think about it. My entire reasoning behind coming over here for a semester was to get away, experience something fresh and new, give college another go around if you will. So the question posed itself: Should I go by Goob?

Look, I’ve had the nickname for 9 years now and it’s had a fantastic run. As my trip grew closer and closer, I began to pull a Michael Jordan circa 1993 and wonder if it was time to hang ’em up. 9 years is a pretty good stretch for a nickname, but there becomes a time when even the best of the best begin to falter and are moved aside for the young prospects to emerge. Since the entire reason I was coming to Aussie was to start over fresh, I wondered “why not introduce myself as Ryan and see if I can get a new nickname by the time I return stateside.”

Unlike Jordan, however, I didn’t take two years to realize that there was still plenty of juice left in the “Goob Tank.” As completely retarded as it may sound, there’s something special about being known as Goob. People love to say it for some reason unbeknownst to me. I introduced myself as Ryan for the first day or two and it didn’t feel natural. It kinda stumbled off my tongue, lingered in the air, and simply waited for the person who I just met to completely forget it. So I switched over to Goob and the results were almost instant. People who I have absolutely no recollection of meeting come up to me and say “Hey Gooooob! How’s it going mate?” The tingle I get when I step onto a bus heading into town and hear the entire back half go “GOOOOOB!” is incomparable to anything else I’ve ever felt. As you can see, everybody I meet remembers my name and hence we become friends just that much quicker.

On the flip side, however, I’ve yet to tell anybody of Shyzer. I accidentally let slip that I run a site, but only two people heard me and they didn’t press for any further info. If I had my way, I’d most certainly keep it a secret simply so I can say anything I want on here and not have to worry about the consequences. Most people here are pretty savvy with a computer though and I’m simply waiting for the day when somebody Googles “Goob” and realizes that the second site on the results page has a picture of my mug plastered on it. But until then, I’m runnin’ free over here.

One last thing. I scheduled two other posts to reveal themselves at noon Monday and noon Tuesday. Here’s to hoping MovableType will do what I tell it do this time around.

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