Number of people in the world who care about Britain 1660-1760: fourteen

First off, I wanted to thank all the people who IMed and left me comments expressing thanks for linking to CB’s site. I’m glad some people who visit Shyzer take the time to read what I have to say. (Yes, that was an indirect insult to you Fellner. Haha, now it’s direct!) Seriously, his writing is some powerful stuff, both for those who thing we shouldn’t be in Iraq and for those who wonder why they aren’t standing alongside their fellow countrymen. We’re already in this mess folks. We’ve got to at least finish it now…

Anyways, school is slowly settling back down. I’ve only got one more exam to go (In Latin. On Monday. Wish me luck), which means that the waters have once again become calm and smooth. I know this is just a ruse; that in only a week or two things will go all ape-shit as Mid-Terms rear their ugly heads, but I’m gonna enjoy this easy sailing while it lasts.

My Senior Seminar class frankly is one of the most pathetic classes I have to take. The professor is well meaning and I understand why the school requires History students to take one, but my main qualm with the whole class is over the subject matters offered. Here is the short list of classes I was given to choose from.

Race and Cultural Diversity
Civil War in Film
History of American Women
Residential Colonial America
Britain 1660-1760

Wow. Nice selection there, old chaps. And don’t be fooled by the cool Civil War class, because that one is a given. We have to offer that class seeing as Clyde Wilson teaches here. I guarantee, if you ever watch a documentary on the History Channel about anything relating to the Civil War, old Clydy and his stomach-curling raspy voice from years of chain smoking will be on there. So the department has to offer a class for him to teach. It’s so kind of them to let a whole 13 of us sign up for that class! Wow! Thirteen! That means one out of every 94 students who wants to take it will be able to sign up! I like my odds already!

IT’S A MOVIE CLASS! THIRTEEN?!? Could we not get a bigger room to show the video and let a few more students in? I understand the department doesn’t want to bog Wilson down with hundreds upon hundreds of term papers to read and grades, but if you aren’t going to let but just a few of us in the class, the least you could do is offer us something worthwhile as a backup.

History of American Women? I don’t care. I stopped by and looked in on that class. Not a male in sight. Big surprise. The teacher was also talking about “those chauvinistic bastards in the office that won’t let her teach the class the way she wants to.” Yeah, a whole semester of being bashed on by the teacher? Not my cup of tea. Race and Cultural Diversity? I just don’t relate to it. I can at least understand why this one is being offered, but it’s just not for me. Residential Colonial America? That just sounded like trouble. I mean, what is that? An essay on the female skirt patterns over on Dover Street during 1753 or what men’s favorite dinner in the mountain area during the not-so-famous famine of 1722 was? Honestly, what the hell kind of class is this? Does anybody even care about the Revolutionary War anymore? The more I study it, the more I’m irritated with the Americans. They had the best style and expectations of life then anybody in the world had ever had and they were pissed off because they had to pay an extra cent on every crate of tea. Boo fucking hoo.

Which meant I was stuck in Britain 1660-1760. I figured there had to be something I could find in there relating to war and diplomatic history. I was right…well, sort of. Even though I had never heard of it, apparently the first Prime Minister resignation in Britain’s history came from some war with Spain that he got the country into. So what happened? A few newspapers said nasty things about him and he resigned.


I see no reason why I should be forced to go through old newspapers from the 1740s and dig through countless numbers of books just to find out who the 3rd Count Duke of Wellington was. I didn’t even know there were Dukes in Wellington. I didn’t even know there were three of them. In fact, I didn’t care then and I still don’t care. I don’t care. I DON’T CARE!!!!

I’m sorry, I just had to vent about this class. I honestly don’t “hate” it per say. In the end, I actually find it funny that I have to take it and it’s fun complaining about it with the hot chick in class since she too thinks it’s a waste of time. But I promise another post will be up soon that won’t be full of bitching and moaning.

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  1. The Revolutionary War is about the only war fought on American soil that I can stay interested in through its entirety. It has the epic thing going for it, some nice drama, and it has a happy ending. And, so much of it — the important parts especially — was fought down here. Don’t forget the no representation that went along with those tax hikes either.

    Who the hell chose 1660 to 1760 though? That’s got to be the most boring one hundred years in British history. It occupies that space of almost nothing between the Civil War and the Seven Years’ War. If they’d moved a little forward or a little back, there would’ve been loads to go over — like the Duke of Wellington who counts.

    I hate the little specialized areas of history. I was taking a class on “Europe in the Age of Revolution” and there was a week right after the French revolution and before one of those thousand other revolutions that happened in the Nineteenth century where we decided to take time away from German and Italian unification so we could talk about the lives of Victorian housewives.

    I haven’t met any militant feminists at Wofford though. Maybe when I go to grad school someday at a big school with lots of money to throw around on extra professors.

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