Busy, Part II

I’ve never been one to keep myself excessively busy. It’s just never been my style. For me, it used to be that whenever I had some free time, I would just hang around and relax. It was peaceful. It was unwinding. It let me mind run free.

Which is where things have gone wrong. My mind wandering like it used to seems more of a liability now then an asset. It always leads me to places I don’t want to be and to thoughts I don’t want to think right now. It did nothing but agitate and foment these feelings inside of me, so I started doing the only thing I could think of to stop it. I made sure that I stayed busy.

It’s crazy how busy I am now. Before, somebody would ask me what I was doing next weekend and I would laugh at them and let them know that anything over 10 minutes away was too far in the future for me to plan. Now I have virtually every weekend for the next month slammed with things I agreed to do. I think I’m looking most forward to next weekend when the famously dubbed “Swagger Party” is being held in our building. Maybe, just maybe, Shyzer might get its first drunken post in its history that night. I said maybe.

Chong is coming down this Friday for the Jackson Crossing show (Friday night, 9:00 PM, @ Delaney’s folks. Be there.) and then in just 10 short days after that we are heading up to Charlotte to see the Packers take on the Panthers. The game might not be exactly how I envisioned it happening, but at least this way I still get to go and Alex and I get to make good on that age-old promise we’ve always had with each other: Seeing Brett Favre play in person. I honestly couldn’t be more excited about the game and trust me, there will be plenty of words spent on that evening in a future post.

I’ve been carrying on with my training as well. Living with Fellner means I have a partner to go running with every night and that brand new gym down the road, which is free, has just been screaming my name lately. I’ve played more games of pickup football during the past month then I think I have in my entire life and Softball season is just around the corner. I had forgotten how far I could push my body physically and now that I’ve reminded myself, it feels great.

Tomorrow I find out a good chunk of information about whether or not I’ll be able to do what it is I want to do next semester. I seriously pray that everything will work out like I want it to because frankly, I need it. If all is well, expect a post in the near future about it.

But in the end, I still feel as if there is more I should do. I keep pushing myself further and harder to try and accomplish things and I can already hear that little voice in my head slowly saying “Just keep this up you idiot. Sooner or later it’s going to catch back up with you and you’ll come crashing down in a flaming heap.” Maybe he’s right. But until then, I’m sticking with what works.

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  1. Hey boy, you need to come down here and get a football game rolling. I can bring out a few people that will make for a good game

  2. You had better be in “training” as there is a rumor that your 50 year old unclue kicked your ass in the World Wrestling championships!

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