Maybe one day I’ll understand why

There’s nothing quite like feeling alone and depressed at the same time. It’s a feeling I would never wish upon anyone…

I moved back to Columbia yesterday. After I finished moving into my loft, I drove down to Charleston in a vain attempt to see a few people. Nobody answered their phone, so I ended up just turning around and driving straight into rush-hour traffic on my way back to Columbia, At least there was some humor involved as I watched somebody try to mark his territory.

Classes start this Thursday and for some reason I am not looking forward to this semester at all. I know this is just a funky mood I am in, but I still wish I could somehow fast-forward to next semester and leave South Carolina behind. There’s nothing left for me here and I need to start over fresh, clean, and new someplace else. I do find some small comfort as I remind myself “Only four more months…only four more months…”

Oh yeah, I finally got my phone turned back on. About damn time, huh?

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  1. Don’t you mean ‘vain’ attempt? Right now it says ‘I drove to Charleston in a blood vessel attempt.’ Anyway, just keepin’ ya honest. Win the hot tub!

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