So Long SC

I wish I could say I was ready to go back to school. It’s not that I’m not ready to go back, but instead it’s more of the fact that I doubt going back to school will change anything. These past few weeks, and especially days, have just outright blown and they forced me to do a few things I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do.

I’ve finally completed the process of whittling down my possessions to the bare minimum. I have a few boxes of keepsake items in my dad’s attic, but for the majority of everything else, I either sold, threw away, donated to Good Will, or burned, which means that I now have the capability to pack up everything I own in my truck and take it with me to wherever I please in just one trip.

The finale of 2004 will bring with it the ending of my chapters in South Carolina. I know I’ve always swore I would leave this place once I graduated, but it wasn’t until recently that I figured out where I would go and what I might do. Well lately I’ve put those two questions to rest, but who knew such an epiphany could be this nerve wracking?

I’m keeping my future close to me for the next few months. Not until everything is finalized legally will I be talking about it on Shyzer, but rest assured, as soon as I’m prepared to talk about it, I’ll post about it. Wish me luck.

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  1. You know I’ve never been shy in taking up your offers for work! You have no idea how much I appreciate the knowledge that I could come out there though. It’s nice to have family you get along with!

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